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Our motto "We believe in first impressions, and your home is no exception." Isaac Cortez

VC Home Improvement Center is the only true and largest full design center in all of Ventura County. Providing services from indoor to outdoor for all of your home renovation needs. Our residential and commercial designs are showcased in hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Ventura County. Our academic background and professional expertise enhances our client’s experience. We use a mixture of different elements, lighting systems, materials and textures to achieve high design without undermining function and practicality.

No project is too big or small. We believe that a Ventura County Home Improvement Center is a well-designed space that should be for everyone, not just luxury for a few. Our imagination and love for design has given us the inspiration to keep up with the latest trends in design to cater in every imaginable detail.

We have traveled to all parts of the world to showcase the latest styles and products bringing your vision and design to life.

Our CEO believes that when designing a client's space we must first focus on the key elements in the home. The next step is to create a beautiful yet, functional environment with a unique design that relates to each client's vision. Resulting in a timeless enhancement for all to enjoy.

Whether it's a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living area in your home, he prides himself in creating a Sophisticated system that will produce a unique and innovative design for all your home remodeling needs. We take control of every aspect of the project. From manufacturing to installation you are dealing with direct manufacturers and service providers; there is no middle man here.


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